"If you are able to achieve it, do it." 

Bessie Blount Griffin. Inventor, Physical Therapist, Forensic Scientist, STEAMist, Champion of Assistive Technology.

"If it's a good idea, go ahead and

do it."

Grace Hopper. Pioneer, Computer Scientist,   United States Navy Rear Admiral, STEMist.

    Sustainable HealthTech & Well-being

WE ImpaCt Headquarters. 601 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001.

connect@w-e-impact.com. weimpact@w-e-impact.com.

                                                                               WE ImpaCt

Using innovation, media & STEAM to create access to health, well-being and capital within community, charity and consulting using 7 Causes (7 C's).  Our charity circle  targets girls/women and veterans. 

Social Enterprise uses 7 causes: 1.Communicate, 2.Create STEAM for Good, 3.Corporate Social Responsibility 4.C-Start, 5.Core, 6.Clean tech and 7.Cook-Couture-Celebrate-Cosmos.

Social Enterprise works globally. Our charity circle works in the USA, UK and 10 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

Change communities. Connect@W-E-IMPACT.COM

WE  ImpaCt. WE Earth ImpaCt. WE Entrepreneurs ImpaCt. Women Everyone ImpaCt..

    Community                                         Charity                           Consulting

Intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility, Media, International Investments, Technology, Philanthropy and Fashion Compassion.

WE ImpaCt is an eco-friendly  social enterprise using innovation, media and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) 
‚Äčto create access to health, well-being and capital.    

Create access to health, well-being and capital within 


WE ImpaCt